TheBackenz is a massive online music platform, that provies Artist the opportuntiy to be heard by thousands and make money. To get started, create an account, submit your music to "thebackenz playlist" and GET YOUR LIKE's UP!!!

TheBackenz is a unique and new platform, so you problably have some questions. We Get It! This FAQ should answer any questions you may have about what "thebackenz" is,  how it works, and how it can work for you as an Artist.

What is the refund policy? 

There are no refunds on submissions, so make sure you upload the correct file and ensure it is working.

Can people still listen to my music after "thebackenz playlist" competitions are complete?

Yes, your songs will be added to "thebackenz" genre's, your profile page, as well as, listed under previous playlist 

Can I submit more than one song to "thebackenz playlist" competitions?

Yes, however, the competition is based on the most "LIKE's" for a single song. So if you upload more than one song or the same song more than once, understand that the "LIKE's" are only counted for a specific song submission. The "LIKE's" will not be added with other songs you may have uploaded or with the "LIKE's" from the same song submission you may have uploaded.

Do my Fans, Followers, Friends, and Family, have to pay anyhing to LIKE my songs?

No, your fans, followers, friends, and family do not have to become paid members to "LIKE" your songs. They simply just need to go to our website, find your song, and select "LIKE." Paid members are only for those uploading songs for competitions, those who want to create a profile, and those who choose to use our platform for networking and exposure.